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B I L L   W E L S H



Musical Influence


As I said in my bio, my first memory of music was singing in the choir.... so that is

where my journey began. I fell in love with vocal/harmony music and that has

been the focus of my musical career. People always ask....."growing up in the 60's

you must love Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee" but, no I was drawn to vocal groups. I

had a limited access to rock music (I never even saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan,

Sunday night you know ) but I did have one place to get my rock & roll fix and not

draw the wrath of my parents and that was...." Ozzie & Harriet".  When they started

having Ricky sing on the show I was in heaven.....I loved the songs.....I loved his

voice....I wanted to be Ricky he was my first major influence in the

music business. Since my main focus was vocals...I learned songs by "Peter, Paul

and Mary", "The Kingston Trio" and other folk groups and then went on to the folk

side of rock... "Simon & Garfunkle", "The Byrds", The Beau Brummels", "Buffalo

Springfield" as well as the more rock side..."The Beatles", "The Beachboys", "Chad

& Jeremy", "Johnny Rivers", "The Hollies".....and countless other bands. It was

the 60's where I started on this long (now 41 year trip) but there have been count-

less other musicians that I have loved and followed........


Here is a list of some of the musicians/songwriters that I love.........


John Denver--John Prine--Gorden Lightfoot--Jim Croce--Steve Goodman--Guy

Clark--Steve Fromholtz--Gram Parsons--Don Mclean--James Taylor--Engelbert--

--Kenny Loggins--Paul Simon--Harry Chapin--Jimmy Buffett--Neil Diamond--Neil

Sedaka--Neil Young--Frank Sinatra--Elton John--Dan Fogelburg--Oliver--Mac

Davis--Jerry Jeff Walker--Mickey Newberry--Roy Orbison--Warren Zevon--John

Stewart--David Crosby--Christopher Cross--Buddy Holly--Kris Kristopherson--

Glen Campbell


and also the groups and bands........


The Kinks--The Animals--Peter & Gordon--The Stones--Paul Revere--Cream--

3 Dog Night--The Who--Everly Bros.--Righteous Bros.--Bobby Fuller 4--Eric

Clapton--CCR--The Band--Grand Funk--Doobie Bros.--The Knack--Journey--

Boston--C.S.N.&Y.--The Eagles--The Guess Who--Meatloaf--Lynard Skynard--

John Couger Mellencamp--Bob Seeger--John Cafferty & Beaver Brown Band--

Tom Petty--BTO--Dire Straits--Katrina & the waves--The Lovin' Spoonfull--


and the country groups........


Hank Williams Sr.--Hank Williams Jr.--Willie Nelson--Waylon Jennings--Johnny

Lee--Eddie Rabbit--Asleep at the wheel--Marty Robbins--Bellamy Bros.--Merle

Haggard--George Strait--Alabama--Mavericks--Brooks and Dunn--Desert Rose

Band--Eddie Ravin......


and country rock...............


Marshall Tucker--Almond Bros.--Lynard Skynard--Outlaws--Poco--Burrito Bros.--

Pure Prarie League--Ricky Nelson & the Stone Canyon Band--Mason Proffit


And Many, Many more.......