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B I L L   W E L S H



Playing History


My first paying gig was in 1968 at a pizza place in El Paso, TX. A couple of friends

and myself started a folk group called "New Horizons Trio" and we got paid $21.00

and a free pizza a night and we thought, man we had it made. We played around

El Paso from 1968 till we graduated in 1969 at which time I enrolled at UT El Paso.

It didn't take long to figure out I was not college material so I dropped out and

formed a rock band called "Springbock" with Jim Kmetzsch--bass, Kevin Gagnon--

drums, the late Ron Duncan--lead guitar and myself on rhythm guitar and vocals.

We played around El Paso (mostly high school and frat parties because we were

to young to play in bars "legally") and in 1971 we changed our name to "Scarlet

Ice" because our manager thought we needed a name that was "Hot and Cold".

Under that name we recorded a 45 on the Suemi Label "Passing Thru"--"The folks

down home". Due to internal band problems, I left soon after the release of our first

record and started "Dog Canyon" with Gary Bentley--lead guitar, Dana Collins--

bass and Robbie Canfield--drums. The next change was "Taliesyn" with John

Robin-lead, Louie Lobo-2nd lead, Steve Smith-bass and Gary Duncan-drums. This

was a short lived band (6 months) as were most of my band projects and after we

split I got a call to play folk music in a steakhouse so I took the job until I could get

another band together. It turned out that I could make a lot more money on my

own and I started a solo career in 1973 which continues till this day. I recorded a

45 in 1982 "Like a woman in love"-"The king of Alaska" on Heather Records and

an album "All You Need" in 1985. Over the last 30 years I have tried the band

scene...there was "Bill Welsh and the Flashbacks" in the late 80's and 90's with 

Charlie Thomas-guitar, Mike Fones-drums, the late Joe Mares-bass and Rod

Crosby lead and oldies rock band that did New Years shows for 8 or

9 years and later......"Last Chance Band" which was named for my last shot at

being in a band and that had Steve Thummel--bass and Jimmy Gomez--drums but

that also melted away after many player changes. So here I am playing and

recording solo and I guess that's how it will be from now on out.........


Here is a list of places I have played in El Paso....some are still here but most are



Village Inn Pizza--Iron Tender Rest.--Chilo's Bar & Grill--International Club--Steak

& Ale--Gregory's Penthouse--Isabella's Rest.--The Cinders--Hilton Inn--Holiday

Inn--Santa Terresa Country Club--Vista Hills Country Club--Anthony Country

Club--La Hacienda Rest.--Kazi's--Mesa St. Bar & Grill--Surf Club--Big Al's--Riviera

Rest.--Kokapelis--Bombadiers--Camino Real--State Line--Cockpit Lounge--Cattle

Barrons Rest.--Edge of Texas Rest.--Dominics Rest.--The Elder Branch--Knights

Club--El Paso City Limits--Acientunas--La Union Station--Coronado Country Club--

Putneys Rest.--Ft. Bliss Off. Club--Billy Crews Rest.--The Hidrant--Handlebars--

Cattlemans Steakhouse--Great American--Lancers Club--Patrick McGuffys--Durty

Nellies--Viva El Paso--Bowl El Paso--Pearls--Vista Hills Motor Hotel


and some out of town gigs....


Holiday Inn Lubbock Tx--Holiday Inn Ardmore Ok--Copper Penny Inn Clovis NM--

The Lodge in Cloudcroft NM--Brighton Street Station Tucson Az--Ant Street

Saloon Brenham Tx--Seafood Heaven Brenham Tx--....and Chelsea Street Pubs

in the following cities....El Paso--Austin--Odessa--Waco--San Angelo--Abilene--

Chorpus Christi--San Antonio--Houston--Memphis TN--Alexandria LA--Monroe

LA--Alburquerque NM--Gainsville FL