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B I L L   W E L S H





Born in El Paso, Texas October 16, 1950 to a Southern Baptist ministers family,

my first memories are of the church. It basically ruled our family with obligations

(not only religious) but financial since it was my fathers means of income and 

anybody who has gone through the (preacher's kid) upbringing knows what I am 

talking about. But out of this environment I discovered music ( more fun than  

listening to the sermon ) and I discovered singing. It is my earliest memories,

singing in church and making up my own songs as I walked home from school. I

even had a few times I got into the church on my own and proceeded to do my

best Ludwig  impression playing the organ even though I didn't know how to play

(maybe it was more like Lon Chaney) Anyway, music became my passion at that

point in my life. I began to sing in the choir when I was 6 or 7 and that filled my

love of music until someone brought a guitar to church one night and that was it.

I was totally blown away that I could make music to sing to and I was off on the

search to learn how to do this. My folks bought me a $30.00 learners Spanish

guitar when I was 13 and I played that thing for hours. I learned mostly folk songs,

since it was 1963 and the "Kingston Trio", "Peter, Paul and Mary" and others

ruled the airwaves but then came 1964 and "The Beatles" opened the gate to

vocal rock and I was off on a new track. I loved the new sound of rock but since

I was still a P.K., playing in a rock band was out of the question so I learned songs

by "Simon & Garfunkle", "Bob Dylan", "The Byrds" and others that I could play in

the folk style. When I turned 18 and graduated all bets were off and rock was in

my future and I started  a rock band "Scarlet Ice" in 1969 followed by "Dog Canyon"

&"Taliesyn".  After a bad road trip in 1972 I left the band scene  and began a 20

year solo career playing hotel bars, steakhouses and even a few truck-stop bars.

In the 90's I got into doing sound and ended up starting my own sound production

company (with my wife and partner Sharon) and did hundreds of concerts for 6 or 7

years. In the late 90's I got the itch to play again, but in a band and "Last Chance

Band" was born and folded in a few years due to constant personnel changes so I

got back into my solo and that is what I have been doing for the last 8 or 9 years

and it is what I will continue to do (playing live and recording) till the end (I hope).

That's my story and I hope you enjoy my website......